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UL-Approved 1-Dual102F Available Nationwide

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L-Dual102F Airflow Indicators NEW!

Lamiflow L-Dual102F indicators are the only dual-meter UL-approved airflow indicators available.

L-Dual102F Airflow Indicators

The L-Dual102F can be used in any room that is beneficial for airflow monitoring both inside and outside of the room. They are UL-approved with a two-hour firewall safety rating. Lamiflow Tech’s indicators are the only UL-approved airflow indicators available, making them the safest airflow monitoring solution. Firestop protection comes preinstalled with every unit. These units come standard out of the box to fit a 4.5”-7” wall. Custom lengths can be ordered to fit any wall dimension.

LN Dual 102F Positive Airflow Indicators

In Operating Rooms

For operating rooms, the L-Dual102 can help staff as well as inspectors to verify and measure airflow without interrupting an ongoing surgery. ORs can be a nonstop, high-demand environment, but with this unit, inspectors and OR staff can verify room airflow without entering or leaving the room.

In Isolation Rooms

For isolation rooms, these units allow airflow monitoring from the corridor without limiting the ability to monitor airflow from within the room. This way staff can verify airflow inside the room while inspectors can also verify airflow outside the room.

In Decontamination Rooms

The L-Dual102 is beneficial for decontamination rooms that share a wall with sterilization rooms. That way you only have one wall penetration and one unit to install. This will save your facility time and money and simplify airflow monitoring for staff and your next inspection.

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These units run 24/7, 365 days a year and come with a lifetime warranty. They are very sensitive, accurate and reliable but simple to use and understand for all staff members. These units are completely passive and do not require any wiring or batteries. They are extremely low-maintenance and only need to be dusted when dust buildup occurs. The L-Dual102 requires absolutely zero calibration for life and is 100 percent designed and built in the USA. Call us today to get a quote.

*Return Policy: Units may be returned within 30 days of purchase. A restocking fee of 18% will be applied for any/ all returns within the allowable 30 days.

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